What You Need to Know About Care, Custody, and Control Insurance for Horses

If you own or operate a farm, a ranch, or even a camp of some sort, you already know the importance of having general liability insurance to cover you in the event of property damage or an injury. However, did you ever stop to consider what additional coverage you need? If you board or care for animals that you are not the owner of, what happens if one of them gets sick or injured? If the owner tries to claim you are at fault and collect losses, can you pay? With the right supplemental insurance, you can put those worries aside.

What Is Care, Custody, and Control Insurance?

There is liability insurance available to cover horse trainers and even medical costs incurred from caring for them. Did you know there is also insurance that protects you from paying for losses when you are caring for another’s horse and something happens to it?

Care Custody and Control Liability Insurance covers your legal defense as well as any financial losses that an owner attempts to hold you or your business accountable for. 

Who Needs It?

Anyone that has animals in their care that are owned by another should have this insurance. This includes anything from allowing a friend to board their horse in an extra stall of your barn to operating a horse training facility. 

What Types of Events Does It Cover?

Common causes of animal injury or death are due to poor maintenance of the barn or fence that allow the horse to escape and get into traffic or a dangerous situation. Others involve injuries during routine work or even transportation

If you board or train horses, then supplemental insurance coverage to protect you in case of the death of one of the animals is necessary for your wellbeing and peace of mind. It’s a simple matter to discuss your needs with your insurer to set up a policy that works for you. 

Jackson Thomas

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