Suicide Awareness- From Hopeless to Hopeful

Generally speaking, people enjoy talking with each other and sharing information. Certain topics of conversation, however, are more acceptable than others. The topic of suicide, for instance, falls into the less desirable category. Although people may wish to avoid discussing it, in reality, the sad fact is that many people‚Äôs lives have been touched by suicide. In the United States, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death, and there are, on average, 130 suicides per day in this country.

Myopic View

Fortunately, suicide is not inevitable; it can be prevented, but people must first be willing to acknowledge its existence. Promoting suicide awareness Monroe county is, therefore, paramount in ultimately reducing the rate of suicide.  The general public is not alone in its need to overcome a myopic viewpoint; those who contemplate suicide also share this need.

An individual who is considering suicide generally feels a sense of hopelessness that is incredibly overpowering, and his or her judgement is affected. To this person, it appears that only one option, taking his or her own life, exists. Therefore, being able to combat this narrow, negative view is crucial, and the individual can learn methods that will assist him or her in doing so.

Helpful Strategies

One coping strategy would be for the individual to consider all of the reasons that he or she has to live and then make a list of these reasons. This list is personal, and there are no rules that must be followed while it is being created; the important thing is that the list allows the person to discover that his or her life does have a sense of purpose.

As the person who has been contemplating suicide begins to feel more positive about life, it will be easier for that individual to recognize that his or her feelings of hopelessness are only temporary. As well, it will likely become more apparent to the person that suicide represents neither the only, nor the best, option. In addition to self-help, the individual could benefit from receiving professional help; with appropriate treatment, life can seem worthwhile.  

Jackson Thomas

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