Tips to Make Your Skin Feel Good

Your skin isn’t easy to take care of, and you shouldn’t expect that it will take good care of itself. Everyone needs to put some thought and effort into their skincare regimen in order for their skin to feel and look its best. Here are a few simple things that everyone can do to make their skin feel great.

Get Plenty of Vitamin C

People often associate Vitamin C with immune health, but it’s also very important for your skin. Consider whether your diet includes plenty of this essential vitamin. Citrus fruits and apples are typically a good source.

Avoid Sun Damage

Your skin’s biggest foe is probably the sun. Overexposure to UV rays can really dry out your skin and also worsen the signs of aging considerably. Don’t avoid all the sun altogether. Just make it a point to wear sunscreen whenever you’ll be spending a long time outdoors. Remember that even cloudy days filter only a part of the sun, so you may still want some sunscreen if it’s a little overcast.

Stop Over-Shaving

You probably don’t want to hit the beach with an excessive amount of body hair, but shaving almost every day can really irritate your skin. Laser hair removal can cause minor irritation but it produces long-lasting and possibly even permanent results. Just be sure to see an experienced esthetician. For help with laser hair removal Baltimore, see a professional who can advise you about how many treatments you’ll need to tackle your thickest body hair.

Stay Hydrated

Just like all of your other organs, your skin needs water to function at its best, hold its form, and repair itself. Make water your first beverage choice, and be sure to drink at least several glasses a day.

Softer and healthier skin is possible for everyone. Some simple steps can make a huge difference.

Jackson Thomas

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