The Most Recent Updates for TABC Permit Info

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to prepare for any TABC permit changes that may occur. This includes understanding the new timelines and schedules, what your business must do, classification changes, and new fees. Fortunately, these changes are easy to keep up with. Here are the most recent changes that could affect TABC licenses and permits

Application Process

Since the TABC has incorporated new technology, applying for new licenses, renewing existing licenses, adding employees, making changes, or coordinating events has changed. Therefore, you must ensure you know how to use the technology to be properly licensed for all of your events. 

License Types

The TABC recently changed the types of licenses they have, which could impact the one your business needs. On top of this, fees associated with licenses have changed. To prepare for this, you should ensure you know what type of license you need and pay the correct fee. 


Recently, the TABC incorporated a new technological management system that business owners can use to communicate with officials, get assistance, and submit important documents. Since this will replace the traditional methods used by the TABC, you must understand how the system works and get your business registered. 

Beer and Ale

A legislative decision ended the distinction between ale and beer. Now they are both considered malt beverages, which will impact the type of license needed to work with these beverages. 

Local Government

Your business is not the only one to adhere to different rules and regulations set by the TABC. In addition, some of these changes are affecting local governments and how these officials deal with alcoholic beverages. 

While the TABC is responsible for ensuring alcohol’s safe and legal consumption, you are tasked with following their rules. Therefore, you must stay up to date on any changes that occur. 

Jackson Thomas

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