Steps To Get Ready for Your Yoga Class

When you first sign up for a yoga class, you may think you’re completely ready to start this new adventure. As the day approaches, however, you may find yourself anxious, unsure of what you need for the morning before your class or what to do when you get there. No need to worry; that would defeat the point! Instead, take a deep breath and work through this day-of routine so you’re all set for your Napa Valley yoga class.

The Morning Before

As with any exercise, you’ll want to get a good night’s sleep before your yoga class. When you wake up, keep your timing in mind; if your class is early, eat a light snack or breakfast, since exercising on a full stomach doesn’t usually work out well. If your class is later in the day, eat a filling breakfast and save your light snack for right before or after your class. 

Dress in comfortable clothes that fit well. Tight clothes will restrict your movements, but beware of baggy clothes as well, since they may not stay in place as you move. Just be sure you’re comfortable in your workout gear

Once you’ve eaten and dressed, you’re all set! Just pack the rest of your gear, including water and a yoga mat, in a bag and set off for your class.

The Class

Get to class early; again, you want to avoid the stress and anxiety of running behind schedule, especially if you haven’t attended this class before. Find your class and store your gear, including your shoes, since yoga classes are often barefoot. Set yourself up where you’ll have a good view of your instructor, and if you get the chance, get to know the instructor before the class starts.

Throughout the class, keep track of your breathing and how your body feels. Stay hydrated, and feel free to take up something like Child’s Pose if you don’t feel confident in a demonstrated position. Above all, relax, trust your teacher, and enjoy your new experience in yoga.

Jackson Thomas

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