4 Ways To Feel More Comfortable In Your Body

Are you feeling a bit stiff and not as comfortable in your body as you’d like to be? Rest assured: You’re not alone. Sedentary lifestyles, the 24/7 news cycle, and stressors in your inner and outer world can cause the body to contract and feel a sense of restriction. Fortunately, there are effective things you can do to counteract that feeling. Here are a few to try. 

1. Massage

Getting a massage is a powerful, time-honored way to feel a sense of release and refreshment in your body, mind, and spirit. There are as many types of massage as there are personal preferences; choose a therapist and approach that’s right for you. Need some assistance in finding one? Do a search using terms such as body massage therapy Palm Springs CA to locate a quality clinician. 

2. Stretching

Simple stretching and mobility exercises can go a long way toward relieving stiffness and giving you a sense of freedom in your body. Yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and other modalities not only support a feeling of relaxation but also teach strategies that help you maintain better alignment in your daily activities. 

3. Warmth

While cool temperatures are helpful for pain relief and reducing inflammation, warmth relaxes muscles and helps increase blood flow. From red light therapy to saunas to fire pits to warm blankets, there’s a method that’ll work well for you. 

4. Weight

Speaking of warm blankets, weighted blankets have exploded in popularity. They come in many styles now; even if you tend to feel on the warm side already, you’re certain to find a brand and model that’s soothing for you. Weighted blankets help you feel more grounded and evoke the relaxation response — contrary to the “fight or flight” response associated with stress. 

To feel more comfortable in your body, it helps to focus on gentle, restorative practices. Give these suggestions a try to increase your feeling of comfort and calm. 

Jackson Thomas

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