Emergency Dental Situations

Distinguishing between a true dental emergency and a situation that can wait until normal business hours can be tricky. No one wants to wait in a dental emergency department for something that could be easily fixed at another time. However, if you find yourself in any of these situations, finding a dentist as soon as possible is recommended: having a tooth knocked out, facial swelling or a broken front tooth.

Having a Tooth Knocked Out

A facial injury can cause a tooth to be knocked out and can be quite painful. In this situation, put the tooth in milk or a saline solution (such as contact solution) until you can find emergency dentistry Windsor Terrace. A dentist may be able to splint the tooth back in or may say the tooth is no longer restorable. Either way, they can help you decide the best option for restoring or replacing the tooth.

Swelling of the Face and Jaw

Swelling of the face and jaw related to tooth pain can be very serious. See an emergency dentist as soon as you notice swelling or have fever in the area. An abscessed tooth is often the cause of facial swelling and can be dangerous if not treated. 

Broken Front Tooth 

While a broken back tooth is also very important to be treated, if it is not hurting, it can often wait until normal business hours to be treated. However, sometimes a broken front tooth is much more noticeable and will require prompt treatment. A dentist may be able to perform a temporary procedure to keep the aesthetics of the tooth while you wait for more permanent treatment. 

While a dental emergency can be scary and overwhelming, by keeping a level head and seeking emergency care in these situations, you can give yourself the best chance at being able to save your teeth. 

Jackson Thomas

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