How Do I Get My Jewelry Appraised?

If you have a family heirloom you want to be appraised, you might not know where to start. If you are not an expert, how do you know the appraisal you receive is accurate?

You probably have many other questions about estate jewelry appraisal Toledo OH for your cherished possessions. To get a basic idea of how to start, keep reading this article.

Where Do I Look?

The first thing you should know is where to look for an appraisal. If you have highly valued jewelry that has been in your family for generations, you do not want to take it to your local pawn shop. Your best bet is to use the network of appraisal associations found nationwide. They will refer you to a certified appraiser who maintains a certain level of professional and ethical standards. Hiring a nationally certified appraiser will help ensure you get an accurate valuation of your jewelry.

When choosing an appraiser, you should look for someone with appraisal and gemological training. A certified appraiser should also be familiar with the jewelry manufacturing process. Remember, the assessment of your jewelry is a legal document, so you do not want an uneducated or improperly certified person valuating your heirlooms.

What Should Be on the Appraisal?

The appraisal report should include several pieces of information, including but not limited to:

  • Your name, address and contact information.
  • The appraiser’s signature and qualifications and the names of any assistants in the process.
  • The purpose of the appraisal and the date of the assessment.
  • A detailed description of the jewelry, such as its value, limiting conditions and estimates and disclosure statements for liability purposes.

A jewelry appraisal is exciting. Rather than assuming the value of something, you can receive a legal document that provides an accurate description. However, some people will claim they are qualified to assess the value of your highly valued goods without truly being experts. Do not settle for amateur or counterfeit appraisals. Find a qualified professional by using the certified appraisal network.

Jackson Thomas

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