What Steps To Take When You Want To Add an Addition to Your Home

If you’re outgrowing your home, it doesn’t always mean you have to move. Another option to consider is adding on an addition. This can be a better use of your money and time if you love your neighborhood but need a bit more space. Here are some of the steps needed when planning an addition.

Hire a Contractor

Adding an extra room to a home is not an easy feat and requires the skills and knowledge of a general contractor. They know if the land needs to be leveled by a land excavation company Chester Springs PA, what permits to obtain and which tradesmen to hire.

Create a Budget

Additions can be expensive, which means you need to know ahead of time what your budget is. The contractor you choose can help you determine what you can afford based on the funds you have available. Always add in a buffer of up to 20 percent for unforeseen costs.

Determine the Size

The budget will likely determine how big you can go. Make sure you can afford to add enough space to improve the value of your home while providing your family with the extra area you need. You also have to stay within property lines.

Choose the Fixtures

Once the addition is built, you need to have lighting, doorknobs and other items installed. Choose the fixtures that match your budget and your aesthetic style.


After construction is finished, you get to paint and add furniture and decor. Make this space feel like home by adding photos, artwork and blankets. All of the renovations will be worth it when you walk into your beautiful new room.

The construction of a home addition can be time-consuming and expensive, but so is moving. Weigh the pros and cons of each option to help you decide what is right for your family.

Jackson Thomas

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