4 Things Your Skin Can Tell You About Your Health

You’ve heard that eyes are a window into the soul, but did you know that your skin can give you important clues about your health? Here are four signs that your skin may be trying to tell you something.

1. You Have Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Has anyone told you lately that you “look tired”? Under-eye circles can be a sign to the world that you’re not getting enough sleep, but they can also signal that you are dehydrated or nutrient-deficient. If setting an earlier bedtime isn’t helping you look less raccoon-like, consider drinking more water or adding more nutritious foods to your diet.

2. Your Skin Has a Yellow Tint

Sometimes, your skin or even the whites of your eyes can take on a yellow tone. If you are experiencing jaundice, the medical term for yellow skin, it could be a sign that you have hepatitis. Talk to your doctor about getting screened for hepatitis if you notice this unusual symptom.

3. You Have Acne on Your Chin or Jawline

Zits can sprout up on your chin or jaw when your hormones are out of balance. Regular menstruation or menopause can be behind these hormone changes, but so can stress. So if you are buying a bunch of skin care products Midland County MI, take a deep breath and relax first.

4. You Bruise Easily

Do you have mysterious bruises that you don’t remember getting? Does the smallest bump or bonk cause your skin to turn black and blue? If you bruise easily or those bruises take a long time to heal, you may have a bleeding disorder. Consult your doctor about unusual bruising.

These are only a few examples of the insights that your skin can give you into your health. Make sure to keep tabs on your epidermis and watch for any changes in color or texture. You should also monitor marks on your skin like moles or freckles. Doing so is an easy form of self-care and can only lead to a healthier you!

Jackson Thomas

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