Workouts for More Than Physical Fitness

You know that regular physical activity offers many benefits, such as weight management, enhanced heart function and stress reduction. But what if you want to try something that does more than help you stay physically fit? Some exercises can help you in other aspects of your life, too.

Martial Arts

Not only may Okinawan karate be the best workout Kalamazoo MI, it can also help you feel safer and more confident. Okinawan karate, like many martial arts, can help you improve your reflexes, promoting faster reactions to unexpected stimuli. You will practice your quick responses on the mat, but you will reap rewards while driving, biking and maneuvering through crowds. What may be most important is learning practical self-defense moves and techniques.


You probably already know about how yoga can improve your health. People who participate in yoga regularly enjoy increased flexibility, strength and balance. By emphasizing proper form and breathing, yoga can help you become more in tune with your body. Bodily awareness may help you notice small issues so you can treat them before they become big problems.

Team Sports

The most obvious advantage of joining a team is accountability. If you do not feel like working out, too bad — your coach and teammates are not going to let you skip practice. Most sports require routine, regular conditioning, which promotes endurance. Benefits do not stop there. Team sports help you build camaraderie, which can contribute to your overall happiness and self-esteem.


Like yoga, dancing is good for you in part because of the flexibility and balance required to perform certain moves. Dancing can contribute to your health and your life no matter what your age or skill level. Choreographed dance enhances your memory so much that taking dance classes can help stave off dementia in elderly adults. Adolescents often experience cognitive and emotional benefits from dancing, resulting in a more positive outlook on life.

Jackson Thomas

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