How To Reduce Noise in Your Office Space

Creating a beautiful open concept office space can help your employees feel more peaceful and less frustrated, especially when there are plenty of windows. Problems can arise, however, if you don’t take steps to reduce noise. Here are some options to choose from to keep the noise to a minimum so your employees can be productive and efficient.

Use Sound Absorbing Materials

There are plenty of aesthetically pleasing materials on the market to help absorb noise throughout your space. You can install carpets, acoustic tiles and noise-absorbing floorings, such as engineered hardwood or luxury vinyl tile. Small spring loaded casters on the bottom of printers and other heavy office equipment also help reduce noise when transporting these items across the office floor.

Have Dedicated Quiet and Loud Spaces

When employees need to focus, it can be important to have small, dedicated spaces for them to work. These quiet areas in an office can be a relief for anyone who needs to concentrate. In contrast, have loud spaces for collaborative meetings or lunch spaces.

Use Ambient Noise

The noise pollution that comes from people talking is distracting. Help combat this noise by using a background sound to cover it up. Use a white noise machine that can drown out the many sounds of the office environment.

Install Plants

Plants help improve the air quality in an indoor space while also helping absorb noise. They look beautiful and increase the oxygen available in the area. Plants can bring a taste of nature inside the office to improve the morale of your workforce.

Implementing some of these noise-reducing strategies can help improve the ambiance of your office while creating a space where work can be done effectively. These changes don’t have to be expensive and can be added over time as the budget allows.

Jackson Thomas

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