How To Manage Household Chores

Between work and family responsibilities, you might find yourself getting behind on your household chores. This can be frustrating, especially when you suddenly discover that you’re in a huge mess, and you aren’t sure how you’re ever going to catch up. Before this happens, try a few of the following ideas to better manage your household chores.

Create a Schedule

You might stay on top of your tasks better if you create a schedule. Dedicate a weekly planner or a section of your regular planner to household chores. Set aside specific times for laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and other tasks. Then make yourself do them on schedule. You will soon develop a routine that will make your duties easier to manage.

Enlist Family Members

Don’t hesitate to ask your family members to pitch in and help. Your spouse should be able to take on a fair share of the work. Work out a plan that allows both of you to do some tasks you like and a few you don’t. If you have children, assigning them chores around the house is an excellent way to teach them responsibility. Create a chore chart for each child with age-appropriate tasks, and put your kids on a schedule, too, so they can get used to doing their chores at particular times. You can use a reward system or allowance if that helps, but above all, explain to kids that doing chores is part of their responsibility to their family.

Hire Help

Finally, if you find yourself continually overwhelmed, you might consider hiring some help. Bring in a maid service once or twice a month to handle the heavy cleaning or even once a week to hit the high points. You could hire landscaping services Seattle to take care of mowing the lawn and keeping your outdoor space well maintained. Even if you only bring in help once in a while, it can at least get you caught up.

Household chores are never-ending, so work to get ahead and then stay there.

Jackson Thomas

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