The Top Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

Having access to electricity makes like much easier. However, do you know the signs of a problem with your electrical system?

Electrical problems can occur at any time in both new and old homes. Knowing the signs of a problem will also let you know when to call the professionals for electrical troubleshooting Philadelphia PA.

Strange or New Smells

Installing a new appliance may produce a strange smell when you first plug it in. Usually, this is normal and will fade in a few days. However, if you notice a strange smell from your electrical outlet, make sure to unplug anything you have connected to it and avoid using it again until you have an electrician check out the problem. The same applies to strange smells coming from your fuse box or breaker panel.

Arc Faults

An arc fault can occur if an electrical circuit doesn’t stay on the intended path. Usually, this is caused by a gap or breach in the wiring. Unchecked, this issue can cause an electrical fire. While this is true, an arc fault can be prevented by installing an AFCI or arc-fault circuit interrupter.

Sparking or Warm Switches or Outlets

Do your light switches feel warm when you touch them? Is one of your outlets emitting sparks when it is used? If so, contact an electrician to find out if your wiring needs to be repaired or if you should replace the fixture.

Don’t Wait for Electrical Service

If you notice one of the issues mentioned above, you must contact an electrician right away. They can inspect the electrical problem and determine what needs to be done to fix it and ensure your home is safe. Being informed is the best way to ensure electrical issues in your home are handled in a timely manner. 

Jackson Thomas

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