How To Keep Your Pets Healthy

For many pet owners, their four-legged friends are a part of the family. Just as you’d hate to see sickness in a human family member, the same is true for your animal companions. Since animals can’t look after themselves, owners are responsible for keeping their pets well.

Preventive Care

The best way of ensuring your pets’ good health is by limiting potential causes of illness in the first place. For instance, whether you own a dog, a cat or a more exotic creature, all animals have their own optimal diets that work best with their digestive tracts. It’s important to understand the appropriate foods for your pets.

Likewise, while basic animal needs are broadly similar, each one demands different degrees and types of care. Cats are independent by nature, while dogs require regular walking, grooming, bathing and more general attention.

If you’re unsure how to care for your pet, area pet stores will have plenty of information, as will fellow owners online. Internet forums exist for all breeds and species.

Get To Know Your Local Vet

When people get sick, we have doctors to diagnose our symptoms and prescribe medicines to make us better. Veterinarians are licensed to manage our pets’ special medical needs.

Like humans, house pets benefit from annual checkups. As a part of any standard health check, proactive veterinarians practice parasite prevention for pets Wythe County VA via vaccines and testing for common conditions such as heartworm and Lyme’s disease. They also advise owners on parasite protection at home and provide products for that function.

Other aspects of a typical visit include basic exams, teeth cleaning, updating X-rays, vaccinating against various diseases and, per owner request, insertion of tracking chips should a pet ever disappear. In addition to their normal duties, veterinarians are certified to conduct animal surgery, ranging from routine spaying and neutering to advanced emergency operations.

Every household should be safe for all members, and no less so for its furriest residents. By taking preventative care of your pets and seeing a vet at regular intervals, you’re giving your animals the healthy home they deserve.

Jackson Thomas

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