3 Important Ways Memory Care Differs From Assisted Living

Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s are only a few of the possible causes of dementia, with the first being the most common. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, a third of seniors pass away with it or some other form of dementia. This means more people die from it than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined; over 6.2 million living individuals in the U.S. 65 and older suffer from it. It can be painful to watch a loved one’s memory and cognitive ability begin to fade. A memory care Denver facility is one option for ensuring your elderly family members get the proper care they need. What exactly is it though, you may ask. Is it the same as assisted living? Not quite.

1. Specialized Training 

While memory care and assisted living share similarities, including many of the same services (housing, meals, etcetera), the former is specially designed for those with dementia. As a result, the staff undergoes intensive training to supervise and care for them in an effective, compassionate manner. They understand the problems caused by the disease, like wandering, and how to handle them. 

2. Extra Emphasis on Safety

Since elders with memory loss are often subject to more dangers than their peers due to the behaviors brought on by it, there is more money and effort put into making memory care facilities safer for them. This may include features like locked exits and entrances, specially designed layouts, doorbells and more. 

3. Different Offerings

Activities and amenities may also be different. While such centers may still offer the same things as assisted living ones, they may also have options like memory-enhancing therapy sessions, exercises for strengthening and maintaining the mind and more. 

Memory care is tailored specifically to care for elderly loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-causing diseases. While it is usually more expensive than regular assisted living, the higher cost goes towards providing all the extra things needed to make sure your family member is comfortable and secure.

Jackson Thomas

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