5 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

For many people, massage isn’t something to really consider. However, there are a variety of health benefits that accompany the many types of massage. Here are five reasons to book a massage therapy appointment.

1. Reduce Anxiety

Not only does Atlanta massage therapy relax you in the moment, but it can also actually reduce the symptoms of clinical anxiety. During a massage, your parasympathetic nervous system response increases, calming you down. Additionally, the calming effects are often long-lasting, and many people report having lowered anxiety for weeks or even months after just one massage.

2. Sleep Better

The soundness of your sleep is also related to activity in your nervous system, and the pressure applied during a massage actively slows the nervous system down so you can sleep more deeply. As a bonus, better quality sleep reduces the production of a neurotransmitter that makes you feel pain, so your aches will be reduced as well.

3. Increase Energy

There are a variety of reasons people feel fatigued, including not getting enough sleep. But fatigue from other sources, including illnesses like cancer, also becomes less intense with regular massage. 

4. Increase Focus

Feeling a little scatterbrained lately? Massage can actually improve your ability to pay attention and drill down into focus mode. It turns out that your heart rate usually needs to go down if you want to focus well, and massage does just that. Again, this effect is tied to the soothing effects massage has on the nervous system. 

5. Heal Faster

Pain from injuries or chronic joint issues typically come from restrictions in the soft tissue. Massage eases the restrictions and improves circulation, which helps injuries heal faster and prevents chronic problems from getting worse at a quicker rate.

The benefits of massage are impossible to ignore, so even if you’ve never had one, it’s a good time to consider what it can do for you.

Jackson Thomas

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