Creative Bouquets for a Bridal Shower

Create beautiful photo opportunities for a bridal shower by presenting the bride-to-be with a unique, eye-catching bouquet. Consider asking guests to bring one featuring interesting items as the “flowers,” then having her pose for pictures holding them. The bride will not only receive a selection of thoughtful gifts, but the photos can also be framed as a party favor for each guest.

Sweet Treats

Present the guest of honor with a spray of snacks that she can enjoy with the groom-to-be after the shower is over. Offer her chocolate candy bouquets featuring an assortment of her favorite sweets. Surround the confections with a ribbon that matches her wedding colors and a pretty fabric napkin that she can use after she eats the bonbons.

Memorable Money

Instead of a gift card that she may not use, design a money bouquet that she can save or disassemble if she needs to spend it. Use an assortment of bills to create the paper flowers, depending on how much you’d like to give. Add plastic gems at the center of each “blossom” for a classic and colorful touch.

Glittering Jewelry

If the bride loves a touch of old school charm, designed a bouquet out of vintage jewelry that you’ve found at second-hand stores, thrift shops or consignment markets. Attach each brooch, earring or pendant to a swatch of colorful fabric and then clip each one to a thin wood dowel or pipe cleaner to serve as the stems and hold the “flowers” together.

Beautiful Buttons

Use an assortment of colorful buttons to create simple flowers. Thread lengths of wire through pieces with different shapes, sizes and finishes – stack several to create eye-catching dimension. Then twist the “stems” together and wrap them with satin ribbon so the bouquet is easy to hold.

The bride-to-be will be surrounded by enough flowers on her wedding day. For the shower, a selection of bouquets designed with non-floral elements will be much more entertaining and memorable.

Jackson Thomas

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