3 Items To Consider Carrying If You Have a Serious Medical Condition

Living with a serious medical condition can be challenging. Having a plan to deal with potential sudden medical emergencies can put your mind at ease and making dealing with life’s unexpected curveballs a bit easier. Consider incorporating carrying these three items with you as part of your plan.

Medical Alert Identification

Being able to inform first responders and emergency room staff of your medical conditions in a scenario where you have become unable to communicate this information could be critical for receiving proper care or even save your life. Carrying some form of medical ID can accomplish this for you. You may be able to get a card from your doctor’s office, or you may want to consider purchasing a dog tag, keychain or digital medical id bracelet.

Basic Medical Information

You may also want to carry more detailed medical information that includes the name of your primary care physician and their contact information, your health insurance information, the names and dosages of your medications and a list of any allergies and current illnesses you have. This information can be printed on a physical card or stored digitally on a USB drive.


Even if you don’t anticipate needing to take your medication, it may be a good idea to have it with you. A severe weather event, a broken-down car or an accident are just some of the unpredictable events that could delay you from arriving home in time to take your scheduled medications. You may wish to consider packing a medication go bag for use during an emergency or extended delay.  

You can’t plan for every possible scenario but having these three items with you can help you navigate many of the most common situations that could arise. Even if you never end up having to make use of them, they can provide you with peace of mind.

Jackson Thomas

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