5 Essentials When For Caring For An Elderly Relative

Due to issues with cost or insurance, you may find yourself caring for an elderly family member rather than making use of a retirement home or nursing facility. It can be a lot of work, but there is equipment that can bring peace of mind and make the experience easier for you both.

Patient Lifts

Some resemble a sheet and others are a wearable harness. These are handy to have in the event of a fall and can help you get your relative back into a bed or chair safely. They can also help with transporting them from one location to another. 


This may be something that you need to explore hospital clinic and medical liquidations to find, but they may be a literal life-saver if your relative has a chronic heart condition. They require frequent testing, and if you have one you should be trained in their use so you don’t accidentally harm your relative or yourself.


These aren’t just for people who can’t walk, they are for anyone who needs a little extra help getting around. Even if your relative can navigate the house all right, long walks may not be realistic and even shopping trips could be exhausting. Wheelchairs can prevent isolation and make your relative feel more capable. 

Pulse Oximeter  

When these clip on the pointer finger you can tell you a person’s pulse and blood oxygen. If your relative has any sort of lung-related condition or breathing issue this item can let you know when they aren’t getting enough oxygen into their system.

Blood Pressure Readers

Blood pressure readers are rather self-explanatory, and having one around is helpful to ensure that medication for high blood pressure is actually doing its job, and that the condition isn’t worsening. These devices may be handy for early detection of coming problems—and reduce the need for frequent doctor’s appointments associated with monitoring rather than treatment

Taking care of your relative may be hard now, but you will not regret knowing you did everything you could for your loved one. 

Jackson Thomas

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