How To Start Liking the Dentist

Choosing a dentist is as necessary to good health as choosing a medical doctor. Daily brushing and flossing are not enough to maintain a healthy mouth. Still, many people fear dental appointments. The best dentist Broomfield CO is one that patients are not afraid to visit. Here are four suggestions to help patients ease their dental anxiety.

Communicate Openly

Most dentists will appreciate the opportunity to make their patients as comfortable as possible. By sharing their concerns as soon as possible before a visit, patients can improve their experience. Tell not only the dentist about any apprehensions you may have, but the hygienist as well. Dental anxiety is common, and virtually all dental professionals are prepared to work with patients to mitigate their stress.

Choose Sedation

To calm apprehensive patients, many dentists regularly administer a local anesthetic or a light relaxant such as nitrous oxide. Depending on the extent of a procedure, a dentist might also offer heavier sedation with pills or intravenous medication. Be aware that patients that opt for these drugs are required to bring an escort. 

Bring a Friend

With or without sedation, it is a good idea to bring along a trusted friend or relative. A companion can offer moral support, provide a pleasant distraction and make it easier and safer to travel to and from the dentist.

Listen to Music

To avoid being bothered by the sounds that accompany dental work, consider bringing headphones to your next appointment. Listening to music or your favorite podcast on an MP3 player can drown out any unpleasant noise and help pass the time. 

Fear of the dentist can potentially stand in the way of good overall health. A few simple tactics can help avoid this. With many sympathetic dentists to choose from in Broomfield, even the most anxious patients are likely to find one they like visiting.

Jackson Thomas

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