4 Truly Helpful Assisted Living Amenities

Many people have a preconceived idea of what assisted living facilities are. Often, the expectation is not positive. However, most assisted living facilities strive to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where residents feel valued. Here are four amenities that go beyond the basics of care and show how assisted living can genuinely improve residents’ quality of life. 

1. Beauty Services

Care assistance goes beyond help with basic washing, dressing and grooming. Many facilities also have full-service beauty salons and barbershops to keep residents looking and feeling their best. This is important because research shows that the simple act of touch can drastically improve mental health outcomes and facilitate communication with older adults. 

2. Respite Care

While many people choose assisted living facilities MO for their long-term living situation, there are others who only need care for a short time. These individuals often receive care at home from a family member or private caregiver. However, when that person needs a break or will be away, the patient still needs care. Respite services allow caregivers to get a much-needed break and avoid burnout without worrying about who will care for their patient or loved one. 

3. Outdoor Activity Areas

There is a lot of research showing that nature can heal the mind and body. Having dedicated outdoor areas for social activities and physical exercise can help harness this benefit for residents who may otherwise struggle to spend time in nature. 

4. Therapy Services

Many residents need specialized care services but are unable to leave their communities to receive these. Having therapy services on-site eliminates this concern. Many assisted living facilities provide access to physical, occupational and speech therapy in the home or a community-based clinic.

Assisted living facilities provide care to individuals who are unable to live independently. Many offer amenities, such as beauty salons, respite care, and in-house therapy services, that can drastically improve quality of life beyond basic care. 

Jackson Thomas

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