Pain Treatments You May Not Have Tried

If something hurts, the most common treatment is ibuprofen or acetaminophen or perhaps an ice pack or heating pad. Beyond that, most people don’t know what to do other than go to the doctor which generally just leads to more medication. There are other options to consider that may help you with chronic pain.


If inserting tiny needles into your skin makes you shiver all over, you’re not alone. This ancient Chinese practice has been called a pseudo-science, but that doesn’t phase the thousands of people who have received pain relief from acupuncture treatments Sarasota, Florida, Houston, Texas and other places around the country. The needles most likely stimulate blood flow and release natural endorphins to relieve pain.


Using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is kind of like jumping a car. After attaching electrodes to pain points, electrical impulses are sent from the battery pack through the wires. The theory behind why TENS works is a study in opposites. The electrical impulses both increase endorphins and block pain signals.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy seems simple, and it is. A slight constriction of the limb is applied through an arm or leg sleeve for the purpose of slowing or stopping inflammation. Perhaps contrary to the name, compression therapy also increases blood flow which helps flush the lymphatic system.

Laser Therapy

It’s not from Star Trek, but it may be the wave of the future. Laser therapy sends a photon light directly into the tissue which causes cellular metabolism to increase which in turn speeds up healing. At the same time, this type of therapy slows down inflammation and pain.

Chronic pain is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. If you’ve run out of treatment options short of just increasing the dosage on your medication, it may be time to consider one of the drug-free pain-reducing modalities that you might not have tried before.

Jackson Thomas

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